Discovering A Whole Different Side to Financial Planning: The Psychology of Financial Planning with Shaun Maslyk

Today, Ed is joined by Shaun Maslyk, the host of The Most Hated F-Word and proponent of positive psychology around money, with a focus on men. They dive straight into a conversation around toxic masculinity, and how historical expectations placed on men make for unhealthy relationships, and the necessity of breaking from those expectations and finding a healthier approach to finances. This breeds the question: What is healthy masculinity?

Shaun acknowledges that finances are an inevitable “third wheel” in any relationship, as it is a necessary part of life and consequently, detaching from desired outcomes relating to it is equally necessary in maintaining your relationship. In the words of Shaun’s friend: “Money is not the boat of life, it’s just the wind in the sail.” Once you break past survival mode, it’s hard to halt the unending pursuit for more.

They navigate grappling with the inner critic, and how learning to reason with it is more useful than trying to shut it out. Within this finding of balance between vilifying and idolizing wealth is an important part of the maturing process and realizing that money won’t solve all your problems. They talk about the need for both partners to have a voice in financial conversations, especially when there is a financial literacy gap is in the intimate partnership. 

Shaun advises listeners to ask themselves, Are we avoiding emotional discomfort of diving into ourselves to understand ourselves? And, Can money offer a window into understanding ourselves on a more intimate level in a way that helps us show up for our spouses?


Key Topics:

  •  Toxic masculinity v.s. healthy masculinity (2:08)
  •  Being present (10:29)
  •  The third wheel in a relationship: money (13:00)
  •  Halting the unending pursuit of money (19:47)
  •  Working with your inner critic (24:08)
  •  Addressing defensiveness and the desire to be heard (29:27)


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