Overcoming Love Addiction, Salsa Dancing and Finding Financial Freedom With Emmi Fortin

Today, Ed is joined by Emmi Fortin, a breakup and relationship coach, whose work focuses on helping people through the recovery process of a breakup and building foundations for future relationships. She talks about how her own relationship informed her work, and how she transitioned from high school biology teacher to entrepreneur. They discuss the financial responsibility of making a career change.

They discuss her book, Who Is Your Red Dress? One Woman’s Quest to Break Up With a Love Addiction, a memoir that Emmi’s friend describes as “Sex in the City meets the world of salsa dancing.” She explains love addiction, which was what she experienced in a relationship where she felt addicted to the highs and lows of the relationship. This bridges into a discussion of attachment theory, which manifests in 4 styles: the secure, the anxious, the avoidant, and the disorganized.

Emmi introduces her relationship cheat sheet, in which one identifies their core values, the qualities they want from their partner and the ones they don’t, how they want to feel in a relationship consistently, and becoming an external observer of yourself and your potential partner; and then, choosing to take action to make those things happen. Emmi shares the emotional burden of a past relationship, and she and Ed discuss the language of trauma, the impacts it can have on an individual, and how one can start moving forward from it. Even if you are a victim, they explain, you can also be your own savior. They close in comparing self-alignment with chiropractic alignment, and how sometimes a good crack in the back is all it takes.


Key Topics:

  •  Career transitions and financial responsibility (2:12)
  •  Love addiction and attachment theory (09:10)
  •  Finding self-sufficiency (15:05)
  •  Light bulb moments (22:06)
  •  Emmi’s relationship cheat sheet (27:09)
  •  Driving personal agency (31:23)
  •  Coping with trauma (31:51)
  •  Being your own savior and finding alignment (37:11)




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