How Financial Therapy Helps Navigate Disney World & So Much More: With Ashley Agnew

Today, Ed is joined by Ashley Agnew, Director of Relationship Development at Centerpoint Advisors, which provides financial therapy informed planning to its ultra-high-net-worth clients, many of which are fourth-generation business owners.


In this conversation, Ashley talks about the importance of getting crystal clear on your relationship with money. Her goal as a financial therapist is to see her clients’ “money stories come to life,” gleaning from the paradigms shaped through generations which inform their attitude towards their finances today.


Ashley has noticed after years of discussions that many people, especially those who are involved in their family-owned businesses, practically treat money as another family member. Beliefs around money, in other words, have the power to strengthen or erode one’s relationship with one’s family. Getting clear on what your beliefs are, and how to reprogram the unproductive ones, all begins with those tough discussions. Ultimately, working with a great financial therapist will put you on the path to getting rid of feelings of shame around money.


Key Topics:

  • Defining one’s “relationship with money” (02:49)
  • Overcoming unproductive generational paradigms around money (07:56)
  • How financial therapy helps people improve their relationship with money (13:18)
  • Maintaining a marriage and friendships where money is positively spoken about (26:00)
  • Why building true wealth really begins once deep-seated trauma has been resolved (34:16)
  • Summing it up (40:22)




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