The Guardian's Gift: Going Beyond Estate Planning with Dr. Judy Butler

Today, Ed is joined by Dr. Judy Butler, psychotherapist, counselor, and spiritual director. She heads The Guardian's Gift and Butler Counseling & Consulting, through which she guides senior adults, their adult children, and family caregivers through their physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs and goals as they put together a second half of life plan.


Listen in as Dr. Butler shares how her own personal experiences led her to do the noble work she does today. Asked for her purpose as a counselor, consultant, and pastor, Dr. Butler says:


The Guardians Gift is an experience. It is a transformation of going from just thinking about the legal side of estate planning to having a total legacy.”


Part of this experience involves a deep dive into our past to face our various traumas, and get crystal clear on old, unproductive beliefs and paradigms that have followed us into adulthood. Dr. Butler discusses how we can break free of the old stories we tell ourselves, and tell a new, empowering story going forward.


Ultimately, The Guardians Gift aims to help us make meaning out of our lives and the legacy that we intend to leave.



Key Topics:

  • All About The Guardians Gift and Dr. Butlers work (05:24)
  • What changes does somebody (and their family) go through when experiencing The Guardians Gift (11:40)
  • Making meaning out of your life (15:37)
  • Leaving behind old, unhealthy beliefs and writing your own story (20:22)
  • Dr. Butlers TED Talk (27:16)
  • The power of being able to speak openly about past traumas (34:40)
  • Discovering continuity in your story (37:05)
  • How to start a meaningful conversation with your parents about the past (38:59)






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