When Domestic Violence Impacts Your Financial Life with Bea Coté

Today, Ed is joined by Bea Coté, President and Founder of IMPACT Family Violence Services, LLC as well as the nonprofit Step Up to Family Safety.


One glance at her storied career makes it obvious that Bea has a deep passion for helping families and individuals struggling with domestic violence. She initially worked in child protective services before making the transition to working with those who control/abuse partners and children, which she has been doing now for the past 23 years.


Listen in as Bea breaks down the most common myths surrounding domestic violence and why too many instances of abuse fly under the radar. In unpacking these heavy issues, Bea speaks on the realities of economic and emotional abuse and why most abusers and even their spouses do not realize the full gravity of the conflict they are going through as a family.


Finally, Bea speaks on the sobering fact that, when a husband inflicts any sort of abuse on their wife, no matter how overt or how subtle, that man abuses their own children by extension. They are effectively modeling unhealthy values, beliefs, and actions that stay with their children until adulthood.


To Bea, the road to bringing more awareness to the complex realities of domestic violence is a long one; but, she remains motivated, after over two decades after beginning her career, to do her small part in arming the next generation with the knowledge and support they need to enjoy healthier relationships moving forward.



Key Topics:

  • Why Bea was drawn to helping domestic abuse victims (01:36)
  • Common misconceptions around domestic violence offenders (07:23)
  • Why narcissism does not automatically lead to domestic abuse (15:54)
  • Why most therapists have no real training in domestic violence (20:07)
  • Why most domestic violence is not criminal (23:38)
  • Financial abuse and the “post-separation abuse wheel” (30:07)
  • Why most men do not know that they are being abusive (38:31)
  • How fathers may be abusing their own children without realizing it (42:17)




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