When Sexual and Financial Intimacy Meet Magic Happens with Tanja Diamond

Today, Ed is joined by Tanja Diamond, Master Life Strategist, and Tantra Lineage Holder. She has over 45 years of unique worldwide education, extensive knowledge in thousands of subjects, and certifications in hundreds of modalities.


Her passion and expertise have inspired thousands to take the radical courage they need to live extraordinary lives by changing old patterns, healing anxiety, releasing past emotional and physical trauma, and gaining clarity, confidence, and self-awareness. She has mentored CEOs, entertainers, businesses, moms, dads, athletes, coaches, and many others to break free and attain their personal freedom.


Listen in as Tanja explains how we can tap into “the technology of Tantra” to master our nervous system and take back control over our lives, including our financial and sex lives. With regard to couples, she invites us to look beyond physical attraction and chemical attraction which, while both important things, are often elevated above what she calls “value attraction.”


Tanja speaks on the importance of keeping your relationship updated, and discusses how we project our values on money and sex. Finally, she offers her best advice on growing beyond trauma, building self-awareness, and living a fully integrated life!


Key Topics:

  • Tanja’s career as a Master Life Strategist and Tantra Lineage Holder (01:59)
  • Mastering the energy within yourself (03:48)
  • How managing our nervous system influences our financial and sex lives (07:16)
  • How we fall into unconscious patterns and unspoken agreements with our partners (13:22)
  • Avoiding extremes and finding equilibrium (19:01)
  • How we may be using money and sex as rebellion against our parents (24:39)
  • Unlocking your inner wisdom (32:18)
  • How our sexuality is molded from the day we’re born (42:24)




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