Tipped: What The Service Industry Can Teach Us About Money with Barbara Sloan

Today, Ed is joined by money coach and speaker Barbara Sloan. She is the founder of Tipped Finance, a personal finance media company that teaches financial principles to service industry professionals. She is the author of the 2022 bestselling book Tipped: the life changing guide to financial freedom for waitresses, bartenders, strippers and all other service industry professionals.


Barbara herself spent two decades in the service industry mostly in tandem with her two-decade career in construction, giving her a unique perspective on how men and women in this space earn and spend money.


Having “once lived in her car” and “danced for dollars,” she is no stranger to the needs of the industry she represents. In fact, Barbara’s mission is to eliminate feelings of shame around being tipped, and that service professionals of all stripes can be recognized for their humanity and dignity.


Listen in as Barbara explains why it’s so important for tipped income earners to see every cent they receive as real money. She also gives her thoughts on navigating the unique relationship dynamics present in the service industry, not only between professionals and their clients or customers, but also between professionals and their significant other.


Key Topics:

  • Eliminating the stigma surrounding tipped work (02:48)
  • Why service professionals need to claim their income (08:02)
  • The history of tipping (09:04)
  • How some service professionals may slide into addiction (11:17)
  • Why tipped income earners should never feel shame about how they earn money (16:36)
  • Navigating tricky relationship dynamics as a service professional (22:25)
  • Setting boundaries with your significant other (27:06)
  • Common themes in Barbara’s conversations with clients (31:17)
  • Why everyone should have a personal tipping policy (37:00)




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