How Therapy Can Evoke Passion For Our Financial Well-Being with Couples Therapist Jason Wasser

Today, Ed is joined by Jason Wasser. He’s a licensed marriage and family therapist and entrepreneurial expert based in Hollywood, FL.


Jason is a practitioner of NET, a mind-body technique that finds and removes neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. He’s the host of the You Winning Life Podcast.


Listen in as Jason does a deep dive into how our repressed trauma stories, often formed in our youth, impact our financial well-being as well as how we show up in our marriage.


The resulting stress emanating from those wounds is more than emotional and psychological. It manifests physically too, since each emotion, according to Jason, is tied to a different organ in our body.


“We play out our unfinished wounding from our childhood,” says Jason. “We unconsciously project that onto the people that we’re attracted to—both the positive traits and the challenging traits.”


The solution? To allow the body to heal itself naturally, by first and foremost becoming aware of our unconscious trauma stories, so that we can become empowered “to transform life’s stressors into maximized potential.”


Key Topics:

  • Why Jason became a therapist (01:22)
  • The development of maladaptive stress patterns (06:47)
  • The benefits of NET (15:30)
  • Getting clear on our unconscious stories (20:20)
  • Remembering that the body keeps the score (26:39)
  • Organs connected to emotions (32:04)
  • How our wounds in childhood manifest in adulthood (34:34)
  • Simplicity over complexity (45:20)




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