Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equity At Home with Kate Mangino

Today, Ed is joined by Kate Mangino, a gender expert who works to change harmful social norms through writing, training, and facilitation.


She has 20+ years of experience working in the international development sector, writing and delivering curricula in over 20 countries on a range of issues.


Kate’s debut book, Equal Partners, looks at gender imbalances in our personal life and what we can do about it.


Listen in as Kate pulls back the curtain on why “gender” is such a tricky topic to discuss in today’s world—and why it shouldn’t be.


She talks about how married couples can improve gender equity at home by shifting our focus from doing tasks we feel we “ought” to do thanks to our ingrained notions about gender norms, to doing tasks based on what we value the most.


Finally, Kate goes beyond gender, explaining why seeing ourselves and our community through an “intersectional lens” is so important to understanding imbalances of power and expectations in society.


Key Topics:

  • Why “gender” has become a difficult topic to talk about (01:28)
  • How Kate chose her unique career (04:47)
  • Looking at ourselves and our community through an intersectional lens (09:07)
  • How couples can improve gender equity at home with regard to finances (12:46)
  • Why we need to prioritize values over the tasks we think we “ought” to do at home (18:12)
  • Looking at other factors that impact one’s lot in life, from race to social class (28:33)
  • Normalizing healthy masculinity (30:34)
  • Defining “emotional burden/labor” and why “cognitive labor” is a better replacement (38:25)
  • The importance of inviting men into women’s spaces (43:17)






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