Why Your Body is So Important in Your Financial Well-being with Bob Wheeler CPA

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Today, Ed is joined by Bob Wheeler, CPA. He’s the owner of a full tax practice with 12 employees and about 1000 clients. Bob is also the CFO of The Comedy Store and has served on the leadership team for the past 25 years.


Bob is the owner of The Money Nerve, where he conducts workshops and speaking engagements, offers courses and books, and hosts the podcast Money You Should A$k.


Listen in as Bob discusses all things money and emotions, and why he is so passionate about helping people get more intentional about how they manage, invest, and spend their money. He looks at financial responsibility as the process of aligning your spending with long-term goals.


Bob explains how he creates a safe space for each of his clients in order to nurture a partnership with them, using such modalities as somatic therapy to help them navigate challenging areas, from taxes, to marriage, to unhealthy money stories nurtured in childhood, all the way to suicidal ideation.


He also talks about the importance of getting in touch with your body and noting your visceral reactions whenever you deal with money. He says that allowing your body to be creative as it was when you were a child—to play, dance, and stay curious—helps your biology catch up with your mental maturity around finances.



Key Topics:

  • About Bob (00:55)
  • What it means to be responsible around money (03:25)
  • How Bob uses somatic therapy to help clients deal with their taxes (08:42)
  • Facing the trauma that led to the development of unhealthy money stories (11:27)
  • Dealing with suicidal thoughts (13:56)
  • How somatic therapy works (20:18)
  • How to tap into vulnerability to address physical discomfort around money (26:51)
  • Staying more fully in your body through adversity (28:40)
  • Money and marriage (34:29)
  • Separating story from truth (42:07)
  • Self-empowerment versus victim mentality (46:08)






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