How The Modern Widows Club Transforms Profound Pain into Life Purpose with Carolyn Moor

Today, Ed is joined by Carolyn Moor, humanitarian, mom, and the Founder of Modern Widows Club. She is the host of the Healthy Widow Healthy Woman Podcast and curriculum creator at the Widow Empowerment School of Thought (WESOT).


Widowed on Valentine’s Day 2000 and with two young daughters to raise solo, Carolyn struggled to find the mentors she needed to model the healing and growth she desperately sought. This ultimately led to the founding of Modern Widows Club in Carolyn’s very own living room in 2011.


Listen in as Carolyn does a deep dive into the unique needs and experiences of widows. She reflects on her endlessly-inspiring story from becoming a mentor to a leader to a global advocate for widows everywhere.


“This is what happens when you listen very clearly to tens of thousands of widows and you start seeing the lack of opportunity, and systems that are set up for them to fail and struggle in—and then ask ‘why?’.”


Carolyn explains how Modern Widows Club has pioneered what she calls “the healthy widow pathway forward” and created “the grief to growth bridge” to help widows everywhere hope, heal, grow, and lead.


Key Topics:

  • About Modern Widows Club (01:26)
  • Why it’s always “the last woman standing” in a relationship (06:26)
  • The unique challenges of survivors of suicide (10:16)
  • Navigating brain fog and grief surrounding “the detachment problem” (12:56)
  • How attachment theory informs the grieving process (16:30)
  • The seven-year cycle widows have to endure to rebuild their life (22:25)
  • From two incomes to none (29:39)
  • Understanding your tax options as a widow (34:47)






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