How Financial Therapy Helps Transform Financial Fiascos into Financial Freedom with Aja Evans

Today, Ed is joined by Aja Evans, licensed mental health counselor specializing in financial therapy based in New York City.


Aja shares how her own financial awakening led her to seek out spaces in which she can express her money-related dreams, anxieties, and challenges with others who are going through the same issues as she. It was this gradual embrace of the wonders and complexities of money and mental health that led her down the path of becoming a financial therapist.


In her words: “I love getting into the nitty gritty about feelings and money, and making sure people don’t feel alone.”


Aja also gives her thoughts on how the lack of representation for minority groups in the world of finance is directly tied to the money-related struggles within many individuals in these underrepresented communities.


She talks about how we can bridge the gap between these communities, between generations, and even between couples who often struggle with financial intimacy—to appreciate each other’s perspectives and lived experiences due to radically disparate backgrounds.


Finally, Aja dives deep into the often-overlooked factors that impact financial well-being in marriage, from money to motivations to trust.


Key Topics:

  • About Aja and her “financial awakening” (01:20)
  • Why we need community if we want to improve our financial well-being (03:30)
  • The connection between representation and financial well-being (09:28)
  • Building bridges between communities (15:34)
  • Money and marriage (22:16)
  • Why intimacy matters (27:46)
  • Rebuilding lost trust in a relationship (36:35)






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