Healthy Love & Money Masterclass

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Does every conversation about money end up causing a fight? 

Is This You?

  • Feel like every money conversation is an emotional mine field? 

  • Feel fear and apprehension talking to your partner about money?

  • Confused why money is such a source of conflict? 

  • Get angry and reactive when you discuss money?

  • Feel physically ill when the topic of money comes up with your partner? 

  • Fear that your financial differences will tear your relationship apart?

  • Confused why money seems so loaded and full of angst?


If you’ve answered "yes" to any of these then

The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass is for YOU!


Imagine If You Could: 

  • Understand why money feels like such a threatening topic

  • Learn to manage how you feel about money so it's not so overwhelming

  • Talk calmly and openly about your finances with your partner

  • Develop financial empathy and understanding for your partner and how they manage money

  • Discover how your attachment style impacts your money making decisions

You’ve tried everything to stop fighting about money


  • Talking about money and your relationship

  • Agreeing on "ground rules" for your finances

  • Avoiding the subject of money all together


Yet, it never seems to work, right?


“The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass”

In this course you’ll:

  • Understand why couples fight about money

  • Learn about your emotions and responses to money and why these cause money fights

  • Discover how traumatic early experiences contribute to money fights

  • Explore attachment styles and how they determine how you communicate about money

  • See how emotional arousal becomes a roadblock to clear communication about money

  • Learn what emotional state will help you and your partner get on the same page about money - and how to get there

  • Learn to develop emotional empathy

What You’ll Receive In The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass

Money & Emotions

Learn why money causes such strong emotions and what to do about them

Money Memories

Understand how your past experiences about money impact your present relationship with your partner. 

Attachment Styles

Discover how they create the foundation that will make or break your money conversations. 


Understand how adverse childhood experiences can set you up for a challenging relationship with money.

Emotional Regulation

Explore how this skill can help you manage your emotional reactivity and have more productive conversations about money

Financial Empathy

Discover the roots of financial empathy and how it can help you and your partner get on the same page. 

Physical Experience With Money

Discover how your money beliefs show up in your body and how this indicates what you need to heal. 

Discover Money Beliefs

Discover money beliefs you didn't know you had and learn how they're impacting your relationship




Hi, I’m Ed! 

I’m an expert in helping clients develop financial intimacy. I help them stop money fights and reconnect when they’re not on the same page about money. I’m one of only 50 financial therapists in the U.S. and a licensed marriage and family therapist (CFP®, LMFT, CFT-I™). Plus I have an MBA and was a financial advisor before becoming a therapist. 


Working as a financial advisor I realized that helping people develop financial plans, budgets, investments, and wealth management isn’t enough. Without addressing the deeper psychological aspects of the person, none of it made a big difference in my clients' lives. People still made decisions that weren’t in their best interests. Many had unresolved conflicts with their partners about their core beliefs about money. 

I help my clients resolve money conflicts, discover their core money beliefs, develop emotional intimacy, and learn how to communicate more effectively about money. I help them understand how their past has influenced their present. Then these couples can feel like a “team” when it comes to their money. 

I understand this process deeply. I began my life as a firefighter. Now with three graduate degrees, I still find myself confronting issues about money in my own life and marriage. Through the processes I teach, my wife and I have been able to develop trust, intimacy, and security on a level that wasn’t always present in our marriage. 

Simply put, I get it and I can help you get it too. 



Just $ 19


Learn the skills that they should have taught you BEFORE you got married!


Talking about money is challenging!

Yet we're never taught a "how to" on how to have difficult conversations about our finances.

In this masterclass you'll understand why talking about money is so challenging.

You'll get equipped with foundational knowledge that will help you navigate the toughest of money conversations.


Stop hurting your partner, and yourself, without even realizing it.

Don't wait another moment to transform your relationship with money and your partner!  


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click the Enroll button and head to the checkout page
  2. Receive an automatic email in your Inbox prompting you to set up your account
  3. Access your student library and begin when you’re ready 
  4. Complete the course at your own pace from the comfort of your home

You’ll get access to the content immediately after purchase. That way you and your partner can begin to understand why you fight about money and learn to have real conversations about money. 

You’ll only get out what you put into this process. If you and your partner take the time to deeply understand why money fights occur, and take the time to do the exercises in this masterclass, you will begin to develop a deeper understanding of one another that will help you stop fighting about money. 

However, the process of developing complete financial intimacy takes a commitment. You will need to keep working on the deeper processes underlying your own money beliefs. 

The process requires deep empathy and understanding of one another. It requires communication skills as well as the willingness to examine the experiences you’ve had with money in the past. 

Although “The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass” kickstarts the process of stopping money fights some people may need deeper learning to help them to continue to develop these skills (which you can find in my other courses). 

Other people may have the desire for a more personal approach with a therapist or a coach who can help them work through these processes and skills in depth. 

This course is not a substitution for and does not constitute therapy. 

I am a licenced therapist, however, I am providing education in this context. 

Only a licensed mental health practitioner can provide therapy. I am a licensed Financial Therapist in the state of North Carolina and provide therapeutic services to those in my state. 

If you’re in North Carolina and need financial therapy services, you can access my Financial Therapy Services here.

I also offer these services on a coaching/consulting basis for people outside of North Carolina. You can contact me here.

“The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass” will create in-depth knowledge and personal learning even if you do it on your own. Often when one member of a partnership grows, the relationship grows. 

However, for the best results, both partners should be committed to working on this process together. 

Completing “The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass” together is one of the first steps in developing understanding, trust, security, and intimacy in your relationship with each other and money.

The Healthy Love & Money Masterclass is approximately 1-hour long. 

However, the discussions that result after completing the course may take longer depending on you and your partner’s commitment and application of the exercises presented in the masterclass.  


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