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The Education, Training, and Tools You Need to Leverage Financial Psychology In Your Business

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Our Mission

At Healthy Love & Money, we believe that the first step to exceptional client relationships is understanding the complex psychology behind how couples and families interact together, and how they interact with money. 

Our transformative approach gives professionals the educational tools and resources they need to guide their clients well, develop lifelong client relationships, and feel more fulfilled by their work. 

From individual client consultations to broader enterprise training, we offer a variety of solutions to empower financial planners to implement financial psychology in their own practice.

For Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

We offer consultations to help guide solo practitioners and small businesses through specific client pain points. Our goal is to empower you to serve your clients exceptionally well by leveraging financial psychology.

During your professional consultation, you will have the chance to review your particular client's unique dynamics and practice applying client financial psychology to improve their stated outcomes and achieve their goals. 

Consultation is offered on an hourly basis and can be done either one hour at a time or in weekly sessions for professionals working towards mastering client financial psychology and financial therapy.

Note: We assist financial planners, legal professionals, and other financial therapists through consultations.

Enterprise Solutions

The practice of client financial psychology is rapidly developing and evolving.  To stay ahead of the curve providing current, research-backed training within your firm serves to help move your client service to the next level.

Training can be as simple as a one-hour webinar, or a full-day intensive. 

Note: Training can be applied to CFP® board CE hours.


Keynote speeches are given to professional organizations, conferences, and retreats. In all of our presentations, our goal is to inspire and to act as a guide as audience members move towards exploring their own personal relationship with money, and the many ways that can increase their financial well-being and financial intimacy in their lives. Contact us today to learn more.


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