Why Financial Therapy Is Needed Globally, Views From South Africa With Hendrik Crafford

[Explicit Content]


Today, Ed is joined by Hendrik Crafford, an ontological coach, and a CFP® Professional hailing all the way from South Africa. Hendrik shares his story of financial therapy and how it has impacted his life and career.


This interview is packed with great nuggets and insights about family dynamics when it comes to finances and the influence of being a people-pleaser on how we interact with money.


Listen in as Hendrik goes down memory lane to reflect on how his parents’ wisdom led him to live life frugally as a “citizen of the world” rather than as a mindless consumer. He talks about how his personal decisions around money through the decades shapes his approach to working with clients as an ontological coach and financial planner.


He breaks down the three legs on which our way of being stands according to the ontological model⁠—our body, our moods, and our language⁠—and how conscious embodiment can help us create a roadmap to a better relationship with money.


Key Topics:

  • Hendrik’s journey (01:29)
  • How Hendrik’s personal experiences shape the way he works with clients (06:58)
  • The three legs on which our way of being stands (10:40)
  • Embodying the alternative behavior to tell ourselves a better story (17:54)
  • Making better decisions based on satisfying your psychological need (22:42)
  • Looking at a couple as being made up of two unique individuals (30:26)
  • Seeking continuous learning and growth (34:00)
  • The most important question to ask yourself (40:18)





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