Checking In With Your Body and Money: Bari Tessler

Today, Ed is joined by Bari Tessler, financial therapist and coach known for her award-winning book The Art of Money. She explains why it’s so important to use your body, and not only your head, if you seek a healthier relationship with money.


Listen in as Bari talks about the story behind her platform, The Art of Money, and how years of training to become a somatic psychotherapist provided the spark that would eventually lead to the creation of her practice, The Body Check-in. Bari explains the value of tapping into your body using movement and sound and how this unusual practice does in fact have a big impact on your money life.


Bari reminds us that awareness leads to understanding, which then leads to change. This not only applies to your personal relationship with money, but also to your shared relationship with money along with your spouse. And much of it depends not only on using your mind, but also checking in with your body.


Finally, Bari and Ed discuss the unique challenges of navigating financial decisions as an entrepreneurial couple.


Key Topics:

  • Bari’s journey (01:37)
  • All about The Body Check-in (09:19)
  • Using your body and mind to improve your relationship with money (17:34)
  • Having money dates with your spouse (22:40)
  • Debriefing financial decisions with your spouse and staying in sync (30:03)
  • How entrepreneurial couples can navigate financial decisions (37:45)
  • Working around changing incomes in a marriage (44:40)
  • Bari discusses her various programs and who they are for (49:15)





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