Using Soulful Listening® To Open Money Conversations With Your Partner: Terri Lonowski

Today, Ed is joined by Terri Lonowski, Founder of Soulful Listening®. Her five-component approach offers a roadmap for embodying evolutionary communication skills, one Soulful Listening® conversation at a time.


When applied to our lives, this process can ease feelings of loneliness, create fulfilling connections, and inspire greater potential. Terri is the founder and practitioner of the Soulful Listening® approach, a 2021 TEDxSpeaker, a master facilitator, and a highly sought-after national and international speaker.


Listen in as Terri dives deep into the five elements of Soulful Listening®: Self-Care, Becoming Fully Present, Quantum Listening, Inspired Action, and The Feedback Loop, and how to implement this priceless approach both as a spouse and parent.


“There is power in being heard,” says Terri. “Through being heard, you can unleash potential that may have heretofore been constricted or locked up.”


Key Topics:

  • The story behind Soulful Listening® (01:56)
  • Easing feelings of loneliness in marriage (09:02)
  • Element #1: Self-Care (11:53)
  • Element #2: Becoming Fully Present (16:49)
  • Element #3: Quantum Listening (20:45)
  • Element #4: Inspired Action (22:19)
  • Element #5: The Feedback Loop (25:12)
  • Making Soulful Listening® a way of being in your life (26:20)
  • How The Feedback Loop supports the first four elements (29:48)
  • How parents can use Soulful Listening® to navigate high-stakes conversations (33:17)





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