Opening Up Money Conversations With Our Kids with Clifton Corbin

Today, Ed is joined by Clifton Corbin. A self-proclaimed “financial literacy advocate,” Clifton provides resources for parents who are looking to get their kids “ready to manage in a world where the use of money is constant.”


Listen in as Clifton opens up about his own journey to financial literacy, including the money-related challenges he had to overcome as a husband and father.


Clifton talks about the value of sharing your money story and his mission to empower the next generation to become financially literate—a mission best encapsulated in his book Your Kids, Their Money: A Parent's Guide to Raising Financially Literate Children.


“It’s only by sharing these stories,” says Clifton, “as traumatic and painful as some of them are, that folks learn that they’re not alone. If anything, it tells them that, wherever they are in their life, it’s a point in time and they don’t need to stay there.”



Key Topics:

  • Why Clifton decided to become a “financial literacy advocate” (02:04)
  • Clifton’s career before becoming a Registered Financial Consultant (07:10)
  • Love and money in the Corbin household (11:37)
  • Where Clifton’s money anxiety comes from (16:39)
  • The value in sharing your story (22:14)
  • Why Clifton wrote Your Kids, Their Money (29:21)
  • Money as a theme park (33:49)
  • Clifton’s upcoming book (36:11)





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