Cold Waffles and Trauma with Couples Therapist Ashley Quamme

Today, Ed is joined by Ashley Quamme, a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).


Today’s conversation centers around attachment theory, which Ashley defines as “how our earlier relationships with our primary caregivers shaped how we think, feel, and do our intimate relationships.”


As a couples therapist, she has found that healing takes place much faster and at a much deeper level when done together versus separately. This is where EFT comes into play, which Ashley believes can fundamentally rewire how the brain works.


Listen in as Ed and Ashley discuss the relationship between healing and vulnerability, troubleshooting relational insecurity through the lens of attachment, and how couples can overcome relational distress and create a shared vision in their pursuit of wealth!



Key Topics:

  • Defining “attachment theory” (03:21)
  • What studies say about EFT (09:48)
  • Ashley’s behavioral observations of couples throughout the therapy process (14:18)
  • Overcoming relational distress with role models (19:35)
  • The unique challenges of working with military couples (23:25)
  • Helping couples get on the same page with regard to their finances (25:26)
  • Financial infidelity (30:06)
  • Multigenerational money patterns (35:21)
  • Wealth building as a couple’s pursuit (41:43)






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