It Is Time to Love Financial Planning For Couples with Natalie and Dan Slagle of Fyooz Financial Planning

Today, Ed is joined by Natalie and Dan Slagle. Both are CFPs and part of the XY Planning Network, a community of fee-only advisors. The Slagles love working with couples in the financial planning process.


Natalie and Dan humbly embrace their responsibility as role models to couples looking to improve their shared relationship with money. They talk about the importance of each individual knowing their money story before becoming a couple.


Referring to their business as a “cashflow-focused financial advising firm,” Natalie and Dan explain why having clarity, preferably through using tools like a balance sheet, is one of the key steps to transforming your money life, one day at a time.


Natalie and Dan also share why they frame the journey to greater financial well-being as a dance, the value of knowing the couple’s financial history before creating a strategy, and where financial planning ends and financial therapy begins.


Key Topics:

  • Why it’s important to get clear on your money story before becoming a couple (02:43)
  • Acknowledging emotional differences between the couple toward their money situation (09:35)
  • Being a cashflow-focused financial advising firm (11:53)
  • Getting clarity on your cashflow (17:09)
  • Categorizing expenses (25:27)
  • Framing a couple’s financial life as a dance (28:25)
  • The value of knowing the couple’s financial history (30:25)
  • From financial planning to financial therapy (33:44)
  • There isn’t a single path to financial security (39:00)
  • Navigating financial burnout as a couple (44:09)





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