Grateful When Brene Brown Saves Your Life After Organ Failure with Julie Johnson

Today, Ed is joined by Julie Johnson, President, and CEO of XY Communication. Julie is certified in behavioral finance and her passion is “advocating for and empowering advisors, executives and/or any who are struggling to create connection.”


Julie makes the case that without emotional trust—without embracing vulnerability and authenticity while interacting with your clients, prospects, or teams—your people will be unhappy and disengaged at best, and ready to leave your organization at worst.


Julie shares the personal transformation she underwent following organ failure when she encountered Brené Brown and her timeless wisdom, and how she applied that wisdom to her career in behavioral communication.


She and Ed unpack the idea that the need to be in control is often a survival mechanism, the roots of which can be traced all the way back to childhood. They discuss the complexities of workplace harassment and how to be there for your partner if they are going through it.


Finally, Julie explains how EMDR therapy helped her get to the point where she could forgive those she blamed for traumatic past events, and move forward. She ultimately encourages us to become an advocate for our own healing and growth.


Key Topics:

  • The importance of emotional trust (03:36)
  • Relinquishing control in our darkest moments (12:26)
  • Dealing with bullying, violence, and harassment in the workplace (17:55)
  • When putting your needs first is the healthiest choice (28:37)
  • When leaning on another person is the healthiest choice (34:36)
  • How EMDR therapy helped Julie heal from long-lasting trauma (43:06)
  • How and why to be gentle with yourself (48:24)





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