How To Restore Hope After Discovering Financial Lies In Your Intimate Relationships with Tracy Coenen

Today, Ed is joined by forensic accountant Tracy Coenen. She has over two decades of experience in accounting and investigations, and has personally investigated more than 500 frauds in a wide variety of industries.


Tracy created the Divorce Money Guide, an online handbook which details the exact steps needed to uncover hidden financial fraud in cases of divorce.


She was inspired to write the Divorce Money Guide after realizing that many people in need of her services were unable to afford them. The handbook serves as a “do-it-yourself forensic accounting product for anyone who is going through divorce and needs to get their arms around the financials.”


Her goal? To help 1000 people a year get better financial outcomes in their divorces.


Listen in as Tracy discusses the typical work she does for her corporate clientele as well as her individual clients who are entwined in money conflicts amid divorce. She explains that, in cases of fraud, her job is to “trace the money, figure out where it went, and testify as an expert.”


Tracy also offers a peek into her criminal defense work and shares her experiences and fascinating takeaways from working with both wealthy clients and clients who struggled financially.


Key Topics:

  • Defining “forensic accountant,” what she does for divorced clients, and why she wrote the Divorce Money Guide (01:45)
  • Why simply having peace of mind is priceless (05:36)
  • Defining “financial infidelity” and “financial abuse” and how they often overlap (08:03)
  • How living in a cashless society makes Tracy’s job both easier and harder (15:09)
  • Tracy’s upcoming money guides (22:02)
  • Creating a systematic approach to addressing money problems (25:00)
  • Tracy’s criminal defense work (28:53)





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