When Our Financial Stories Change And We Invest In What Matters with Brittany Damico

Today, Ed is joined by ESG consultant Brittany Damico. She is the Director Of Business Development at Ethos ESG, a data and analytics provider catering to financial advisors, individual investors, and institutions. The company helps with impact-focused lead generation, ESG data and research, personalized portfolio design, and tailored impact reports.


Brittany reflects on the personal journey that inspired her to devote her career to bringing more awareness and funding to impact-driven organizations.


She discusses the goals of SRI (socially responsible investments) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing as “speaking to the human more so than the traditional portfolio theory, which is all about risk in financial performance.”


Listen in as Brittany explains what it means to align your values with your investing. She also shares how the SRI and ESG approach is rooted in the U.N.’s own 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Finally, Brittany discusses the cold hard data on the performance of impact-driven businesses compared with those of “traditional” ones so far, and what she sees for the future of the ESG initiative as more investors make the shift.


Key Topics:

  • Brittany shares how a trip to Bali led her to pursue ecological economics (01:44)
  • Ethos ESG’s purpose and goals (06:46)
  • What the data says about SRI and ESG investing (08:51)
  • Three behavioral drivers of why people invest sustainably (14:20)
  • The U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (17:57)
  • Raising more awareness about ESG (25:21)
  • The importance of ecological economics (35:00)





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