Unlocking The The Millionaire Next Door and So Much More with Dr. Sarah Fallaw

Today, Ed is joined by Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D. She is the author of The Next Millionaire Next Door and the founder and President of DataPoints LLC, a company that provides technologically-enabled financial psychology tools to enhance wealth-building.


“We give you tools to understand your clients’ money mindset,” says Sarah regarding DataPoints’ mission. Listen in as she lays out the basic competencies of financial literacy, pointing to the unfortunate reality that “managing your financial life is essentially a job that very few of us are trained to do.”


Sarah throws back the curtain to reveal what makes The Millionaire Next Door tick. She discusses the traditional career path of the “average” U.S. millionaire and the typical relationship dynamics between high-net-worth families.


She and Ed also dive into how people of different personality traits—in Ed’s case, being incredibly high in agreeableness—maintain a healthy money mindset and the typical gaps that prevent many from growing their wealth.


Key Topics:

  • Sarah’s foray into financial psychology (08:20)
  • How survey research works (13:51)
  • Writing The Millionaire Next Door (18:34)
  • The typical career path of The Millionaire Next Door (27:42)
  • Explaining wide income distributions within the same neighborhood (32:36)
  • Staying financially healthy if you’re high in agreeableness (40:28)
  • The typical quality of marriages of Millionaires Next Door (43:40)
  • What financial planners need to know about DataPoints (47:35)





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