How To Improve Your Financial Life With The Stages of Change with Jeremy Keil

Today, Ed is joined by Jeremy Keil, fellow financial planner and enthusiast of the psychology of motivational interviewing. Jeremy is here to teach us about the value of motivational interviewing and how he uses it to help his clients move from preretirement into retirement!


Motivational interviewing, which Jeremy calls “a guided discussion about change,” is a powerful way to avoid the often prescriptive approach that financial planners take when advising their clients.


As Jeremy succinctly puts it, “Telling people what to do is usually the best way to make sure it doesn’t happen!”


Motivational interviewing is all about helping clients discover what’s right for them. The idea is to help an individual believe they can change a certain aspect in their life, or a process of helping clients align their behavior with their goals and values.


Jeremy breaks down the philosophy and mechanics of motivational interviewing, encapsulated by two acronyms: OARS (Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflections, Summarizing) and PACE (Partnership, Acceptance, Compassion, Empathy).


Finally, he speaks on the often-overlooked but all-important psychological hurdle of finally making that transition from saver to spender which comes with the move from preretirement to retirement.



Key Topics:

  • How Jeremy got into financial planning and motivational interviewing (03:33)
  • Defining “motivational interviewing” (08:09)
  • Assessing whether your client is on the right track (14:59)
  • Breaking down OARS (19:47)
  • Jeremy’s money dance with his wife (25:09)
  • Compassion versus empathy (33:15)
  • Considering the psychological readiness for retirement (38:52)
  • Learn the math, do the math, follow the math (45:37)







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