Opening to Healthy Relationships To Foster Financial Well-Being with Elizabeth Overstreet

Today, Ed is joined by relationship coach Elizabeth Overstreet. She helps her clients get clear on the mindset that may be attracting the wrong experiences into their love lives. Elizabeth is the author of Love You and He Will Too: A Smart Woman's Roadmap for Happy, Healthy Relationships.


Listen in as Elizabeth shares how she guides clients in developing a clearer vision of their love lives. She speaks on the relationship between love and money and how both can coexist.


Elizabeth talks about the all-important concept of self-love, and why truly learning to love yourself can only come with self-accountability: recognizing your faults and taking a closer look at your responsibilities in the relationships you have with others. In other words, self-love is a process of learning about yourself and how we impact the people around us.


She explains how we can navigate the learning, healing, and growth journey alongside our partner, especially during those times when our partner “falls behind” or gets stuck on their path, in a way that both can enjoy the gifts of financial well-being in their relationship.


Finally, she emphasizes the importance of taking a close look at one’s upbringing in order to gain a more holistic perspective on their money beliefs and, of course, how money beliefs clash or complement each other between a couple.



Key Topics:

  • How Elizabeth “accidentally fell into” becoming a relationship strategist (02:42)
  • What it takes to experience self-love (06:38)
  • What to do if your partner doesn’t experience growth at the same level as you (10:18)
  • How Elizabeth gets to know the source of client issues (15:26)
  • The limitations of ambition in the context of marriage (24:48)
  • Guiding couples through their money roadblocks and challenges (31:06)
  • Having money conversations with your partner (36:27)





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