What is Ontological Coaching and How Does It Improve Financial Planning? with Liz Hand

“This is sacred work. The layers of meaning built into the financial planning process are profound."


What if financial planning could go beyond practical strategies and delve into the deeper emotional aspects of the human relationship with money? Join our host Financial Therapist Ed Coambs as he explores this intriguing idea with today’s guest, Financial Planner Liz Hand, who shares her unique approach to helping clients on their financial journey.


They discuss how Liz's practice has evolved to focus on creating trusting relationships with her clients, allowing them to explore their financial lives at their own pace and in their own way. They touch on the importance of meeting clients where they are in their financial journey, Ontological Coaching, and navigating retirement transitions with emotional acumen. They even examine how personal aspects of our lives, such as belonging, religion, and finding one's inner light, can impact our financial journey.


Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation and discover how a deeper connection with clients through the financial planning process can lead to more fulfilling and successful financial plans.


Key Topics:

  • Financial Planning With a Deeper Connection (1:02)
  • Integrating Counseling and Financial Planning (10:15)
  • Navigating Retirement Transitions With Emotional Acumen (20:41)
  • The Sacred Work of Financial Planning (27:24)
  • Belonging, Religion, and Financial Planning (37:59)
  • Unleashing Your Inner Light (51:38)



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