How Using Emotion Wheels and Human Needs Wheels Open New Money Pathways with Colby Peters

Today, Ed is joined by Dr. Colby Peters, Founder and CEO of Human Systems, which empowers individuals and human service organizations with research-based tools and processes to help them prevent burnout, reduce turnover, and improve individual and organizational well-being. Dr. Peters founded Human Systems in 2016, recognizing that leadership is “positive action that happens on the individual, relational, and systems levels.” In other words, the role of leadership is not reserved only for those at the top of the organization, but for everyone within it.


In the first part of this two-part discussion, listen in as Dr. Peters discusses how she came to realize, through her research as well as through her own personal experiences, that emotion is nothing to be scoffed at nor something to be suppressed in professional life. She explains how we can speak authentically with another human being to build bridges. Expanding our emotional vocabulary, according to Dr. Peters, allows us to turn our emotion into action by attuning our perspective toward making the right decisions.


In the second part of this two-part discussion, listen in as Dr. Peters discusses the importance of reclaiming and developing our self-authority. It all begins, she says, with addressing our unmet needs. According to Dr. Peters: “Behind every comfortable emotion is a met need. Behind every uncomfortable emotion is an unmet need.” She breaks down the four categories of needs: safety, growth, individuality, and relationships.


Drawing from her own emotional experiences, Dr. Peters speaks on how therapy and financial planning come together. She explains how she guides her clients through their emotional needs without taking on the persona of the “authority figure.” This, in turn, honors her clients’ autonomy, encouraging them to claim their own power in the decision-making process.



Key Topics:

Part 1:

  • About Human Systems (0:01:31)
  • Expressing Emotion without Offending the Other Person (0:08:13)
  • Leadership Plus Emotional Intelligence (0:16:20)
  • Expanding Your Emotional Vocabulary via the Three Emotion Wheels (0:27:16)
  • Fundamental Human Needs Versus Emotional Needs (0:32:42)

Part 2:

  • About the Human Needs Wheel (0:39:23)
  • Balancing Our Growth Needs with Our Safety Needs (0:43:16)
  • How Therapy and Financial Planning Can Come Together (0:51:07)
  • Why We Should Never Resist Our Emotions (1:08:04)
  • Teaching Clients How to Use Tools Developed by Human Systems (1:12:45)







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