How Combining Dance Therapy and Poly-Vagal Theory Gives Grace To Your Financial Life with Dee Wagner

Can understanding the Polyvagal Theory and the role of the vagus nerve in our emotions unlock the secrets to healthier relationships and even transform our financial intimacy?


Our host Ed Coambs and guest Dee Wagner dive deep into the world of Polyvagal Dance Therapy. Dee has been a therapist for over 30 years and offers powerful insights into healing from multi-generational trauma and improving relationships.


Don't miss this enlightening conversation as they uncover the often-overlooked connections between mental health, finances, and relationship dynamics. Listen in and learn how to create a sense of safety, security, and communication in your relationships.



Key Topics:

  • The “Dance of Relationships” (0:04:21)
  • Activating the Vagus Nerve (0:09:15)
  • Multi-Generational Trauma (0:12:29)
  • Sibling Conflict and Alienation (0:28:01)
  • Gut Issues and Vagus Nerve vs Dieting (0:32:50)
  • Reclaiming the Right to Say No (0:38:09)
  • The Importance of Being Ready for Anything (0:43:20)






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