How To Relish Financial Well-Being After School Buses, Wall Street and Costa Rica with Cara Macksoud

In this fascinating episode of Healthy Love and Money, our host Ed Coambs had the pleasure of speaking with Cara Macksoud of Money Habitudes. Cara shared her journey from working on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor to her current work with Money Habitudes, and how her upbringing and family provided her with the strength to challenge the status quo. Listen in as she discusses her experiences of being told to "go back in her box" and how she responded to and shattered these expectations with confidence and pride.


Ed and Cara explore how healthy competition can exist in intimate relationships and how partners can spur each other on to do better. Drawing from Michelle Obama's book, they discussed the idea that neither person in a relationship should win all the time and how couples can learn to flex their comfort zones to satisfy the other person and themselves.


Throughout the conversation, they touched on various topics such as the power of authenticity, the impact of privilege on parenting, and the complexities of money and healthcare. Cara's unique perspective and experiences have led her to advocate for valuing people for their differences and recognizing the potential of what can be accomplished when everyone brings their own uniqueness to the table.



Key Topics:

  • The Four C’s: Collaboration, Conflict, Competition, Camaraderie (0:07:11)
  • ADD and Knowing What You Don’t Know (0:22:52)
  • Having or Not Having an Internal Character to Fall Back On (0:30:29)
  • The Costa Rica Stories (0:34:09)
  • Cara’s Daughter’s Zipline Accident and What Money Can’t Buy (0:38:16)
  • The ‘Good Ending’ to the Zipline Accident (0:53:31)
  • The Human Process of Empathy and Compassion (1:03:15)
  • Money as a Tool of Social Belonging and Connection (1:22:58)
  • Wrap-up and More About Money Habitudes (1:26:21)




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