Exploring The New Book Black Financial Culture: Building Wealth From The Inside Out with Dr. Michael Thomas

What if you could decode the complex dynamics of your financial journey and transform it into a liberating exploration of self-identity? Joined by the insightful Dr. Michael Thomas, our host Ed Coambs journey through the intricate world of financial intimacy, unearthing the power of understanding our personal money journey to overcome past traumas and experiences. They acknowledge the universality of conversations about money, race, and identity that extend beyond any singular culture, setting the stage for a comprehensive discussion about embracing vulnerability and authenticity while navigating economic systems.


Michael and Ed then approach the idea of speaking in our unique, unapologetic voice, despite potential criticism. They ponder the concept of aligning with our money - a transformative process that's intimately tied to understanding ourselves. As they scrutinize the social capital theory, they underscore the freedom and strength that comes from being authentic, regardless of the system you're in.


They emphasize the need for empathy and historical context, particularly in the context of black financial culture. They delve into attachment theory and the urgent need for financial empathy in an era plagued by financial shaming. Finally, they reflect on establishing financial boundaries with compassion, empowering our parents to regain their financial agency without compromising their dignity. You’ll find all this and more in this special episode of Healthy Love and Money!




Key Topics:

  •  Conversations Around Black Financial Culture (03:15)
  •  â€śThis is Not Your Typical Personal Finance Book” (07:42)
  •  Dealing with Rejection (14:53)
  •  The Elements of the Social Capital Theory (17:21)
  •  Financial Empathy (26:04)
  •  The N.U.R.S.E Acronym (27:40)
  •  The Cosby Show in Context of Black Families (41:32)
  •  How Michael’s Mother’s Money Perspective Changed (45:06)
  •  Focusing on Relationship Over Money (47:49)
  •  Michael’s Parting Wisdom (53:28)








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