How Newlyweds Can Honor Each Other With Financial Intimacy with Bill Nelson

Have you ever wondered how to navigate the complexities of financial intimacy as a newlywed? This episode presents a riveting discussion with Bill Nelson of Pacesetter Planning, who provides enlightening insights into the world of financial planning for couples just starting their marriage journey together. From planning the big day to merging finances and tackling student loan or other existing debt, our host Ed Coambs along with Bill, discuss taking the awkwardness out of money conversations and ensuring a healthy financial life from the get-go.


They delve further into the dynamics of financial therapy, exploring its profound role in helping couples bridge the gap between different financial backgrounds to create a robust financial plan. They underscore the importance of balance – understanding past financial experiences while planning for the future - and how it can guide couples in making sound financial decisions. Furthermore, Bill and Ed emphasize the significance of a unified vision and goal for the future, and outline the benefits of having a shared mission statement that can steer couples toward their financial dreams. All this and more on this episode of Healthy Love and Money!




Key Topics:

  •  How Bill Got into Financial Planning (01:45)
  •  Learning to Work Together as a Couple (07:21)
  •  Finding the Right Balance Between Past and Present (15:21)
  •  Reverse Engineer Your Financial Plan (24:44)
  •  The Importance of Having a Mission Statement (30:18)
  •  Bill’s Parting Advice (40:55)








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