Why Reclaiming Old Passions Can Ignite Excitement For Financial Planning with Kim Curtis

“Money is looking for you. Money by itself has no value. It’s just a tool. It only has the value we give it. So, money to become something, needs your ideas, your vision, your values, your imagination, your curiosity to become something of use to the world.”


Our host Ed Coambs is joined by Kim Curtis of Wealth Legacy Institute. Her successful shift from a legal career to a spokesperson for personal finance demonstrates how resilience and passion can lead to a fulfilling career change, no matter how unexpected it may be. Kim sheds light on how to navigate the complex world of financial decisions with our partners, emphasizing the importance of communication and understanding.


Transitioning life roles can be difficult, particularly when it comes to money matters. Kim explores how to leverage a financial plan to provide support in these changes, and how our perception of a financially sound choice evolves as we mature. Her personal journey from poverty to owning a prosperous wealth management firm is nothing short of inspirational. It emphasizes the significance of self-reflection and asking the right questions to make sound financial decisions.


Ed and Kim also delve into the meaning and power of money. They explore how it needs our vision, values, ideas, and curiosity to be useful in the world. Money can shape outcomes in our lives, but it’s essential to stay connected with our authentic selves to make better decisions. Kim's insights are sure to leave you with valuable takeaways, inspiring you to lead a more financially fulfilled life.



Key Topics:

  •  Kim’s Journey to Her Current Work of Financial Planning (02:03)
  •  Working with Couples at the Point of Change and Transition (07:49)
  •  The Layers of Financial Planning (13:28)
  •  Kim’s Books (23:22)
  •  Reclaiming Your Childhood Passions (26:24)
  •  The Value and Meaning We Put in Money (36:39)
  •  The Two Laws of Money (43:38)







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