Driven To Success and Childhood Trauma Why Every Memory Deserves Respect - Michael Baldwin

Meet Michael Baldwin, the remarkable author with a riveting story that redefines the narrative around mental health and trauma. Michael, acclaimed for his insightful book "Every Memory Deserves Respect: EMDR, the Proven Trauma Therapy with the Power to Heal," joins us to share his personal journey towards healing, and how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy became a game-changer in his life. This episode not only provides an in-depth exploration of Michael’s inspiring journey and his cleverly devised acronym but also emphasizes the role of EMDR in treating PTSD and trauma-related issues.


Our host Ed Coambs along with Michael dig deeper into understanding the profound influence memories have on us, and how trauma and attachment shape our relationships. In this chat with Michael, the complexities of attachment and its impact on our ability to maintain relationships are discussed, bridging an understanding of trauma and its lasting effects.


They further delve into how EMDR helps in reducing the intensity of traumatic memories and the potential of our financial life to carry the burden of negative childhood memories. This is a crucial conversation for anyone looking to comprehend the impact of childhood trauma and healing through EMDR.



Key Topics:

  • How Michael Invented His Own Acronym for EMDR (02:04)
  • Michael’s Mental Health Journey (04:45)
  • What is EMDR Therapy? (15:27)
  • Underlying Trauma and Survival Strategies (22:31)
  • Trauma in the Brain and How it Affects Our Decisions (26:37)
  • How does EMDR Help with Treating Traumatic Memories? (32:36)
  • The Psychological Reasons Why We Create Memories (35:35)
  • Relation to Financial Literacy (37:38)
  • Wrap-Up (38:27)






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