How Evolving Financially Can Lead To New Meaning In Life - Daniele Beasley

“I think that focusing on the behavioral aspects, is the most important thing and matching the math not with the investment side of things, but with the math of ‘how is this going to fund my lifestyle for the next 25, 50 years, and how am I going to leave a legacy for my family?’"



Our host Ed Coambs of Healthy Love and Money sits down with Certified Financial Planner Daniele Beasley. Daniele's journey to financial intimacy is nothing short of inspiring as she shares her experiences from shifting investment outlooks to navigating the delicate tension between contrasting investment philosophies. Ed and Daniele explore the evolution of the financial industry and the increasingly necessary role of financial planning and therapy in navigating our money matters.


They venture into the challenging terrain of financial literacy and planning, focusing on the need to create a balance between our present and future selves. The conversation takes a deeper turn as they dive into how psychological frameworks facilitate our understanding of complex facets of our minds. Daniele imparts her wisdom on recognizing stages in cycles of change and guiding clients through them, using the trans-theoretical model of change as a constructive tool.


Ed and Daniele then contemplate the value of reflection and gratefulness in our journey toward financial intimacy. They stress the importance of taking time to assimilate new knowledge and how it can empower us all to make informed financial decisions. Daniele's insightful perspectives offer a refreshing outlook on financial matters, reminding us that it is not simply about accumulating assets, but also about forming meaningful connections and understanding our financial lives on a deeper level. Tune in for this enlightening discussion that promises to transform your perspective on financial planning, personal growth, and their intersection.



Key Topics:

  •  Introduction to Daniele (01:32)
  •  Psychological Shift in Investment Outlook (05:14)
  •  Themes in High-Net-Worth Families that Need Coaching (11:10)
  •  Helping Clients Help Themselves (16:17)
  •  The Developmental Process of Financial Education (23:29)
  •  Continuous Education for the Advisor and Client (25:46)
  •  Chasing the True “Meaning” (31:08)
  •  The Stages of Emotional Financial Development (36:35)
  •  The Cycle of Change Framework (39:00)
  •  The Importance of Personal and Financial Goals and Joining the Two (45:25)
  •  Wrap-Up (47:57)






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