Why Gayle Colman's New Book The Body of Money is So Helpful For Transforming Our Relationship with Money

“The journey is not necessarily to wake up, but to wake down. Waking down into our beautiful body”


Meet Gayle Colman, renowned financial planner and author, as she takes us on a journey to explore money's profound relationship with our bodies. She brings to light the riveting concept of somatic finance, emphasizing the significance of embodiment in life and our financial engagements. Our host Ed Coambs along with Gayle dive deep into previous financial fears and behaviors, shedding light on overcoming and transforming these experiences.


Drawing upon human essentials, they delve into safety, connection, and dignity, exploring money's role in meeting these needs. Gayle poses a compelling argument that it's our body that truly informs us of the fulfillment or lack thereof of these essentials. They discuss how embracing mindfulness practices and cultivating an embodiment of sufficiency can truly make us feel safe, connected, and honored.


Ed and Gayle touch upon the important aspect of self-awareness and trusting our bodies. They discover how external achievements, while beneficial, are not the essence of our true selves. By acknowledging and respecting our body's signals, we learn to build trust with it, fill the gaps missing from our early childhood experiences, and how to string together moments of feeling okay to build our sufficiency muscle. All this and more in this episode of Healthy Love and Money.





Key Topics:

  • Intro to Gayle Colman (00:51)
  • Gayle’s Description of the Word Somatic (02:52)
  • Embodiment is a Concept (04:59)
  • Trusting Your Body and Your Intuition (08:42)
  • What Does Embodiment Mean to You? (11:17)
  • Cultivating a Somatic Sense of Sufficiency (16:04)
  • External Achievements are Partial, Not the Essence of Who We Are (21:08)
  • ReParenting and ReLoving Ourselves (23:47)
  • How Being at Home in Our Bodies Impacts Our Thinking (30:18)
  • Getting Grounded and Open to Change (33:24)
  • Gayle’s Final Wisdom and Contact Info (41:33)










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