How To Work With Your Money Mindset and Build Your Mental Wealth with Joyce Marter

Could your self-esteem be tied to your bank balance? This episode of Healthy Love and Money answers that question with the help of Joyce Marter, a prominent businesswoman who overcame her own financial anxiety to sell her business for seven figures. Joyce’s story is not only captivating but also enlightening. Her transition from financial stress to financial abundance sheds light on the intertwined nature of our self-esteem and net worth, and how setting healthy financial boundaries can be a crucial part of this journey.


Our host, Therapy-Informed Financial Planner Ed Coambs along with Joyce, dive into the less-discussed but significantly impactful topic of financial traumas and their influence on our mental health. They unravel how therapies such as EMDR can aid in reprogramming the negative beliefs linked to these traumas, paving the way for growth and success. Joyce emphasizes the importance of understanding your worth, recognizing it, and ensuring it reflects in your professional fee structures.


They venture into an intriguing discussion around the concept of financial intimacy. Joyce shares experiences with financial infidelity, and how it often signals unresolved issues within relationships. This episode encourages us to examine our own family and cultural beliefs about money, and empowers us to make the necessary changes. Listen in to gain fresh insights into financial empowerment, self-esteem, and uncover the often overlooked yet essential aspect of financial intimacy.



Key Topics:

  •  Joyce’s Money Journey (02:08)
  •  The Importance of Asking for Help (07:46)
  •  The Connection Between Self-Worth and Net Worth (11:27)
  •  The Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness (16:11)
  •  Financial Traumas and Working through Them (20:12)
  •  Fee Integrity (26:35)
  •  How Joyce Defines Financial Intimacy (29:28)
  •  Financial Infidelity (32:45)
  •  The Real Problem with Financial Trauma (34:02)






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