From Air Force To Financial Therapy Lessons In Financial Intimacy For Couples With Jenn Steliga

“Having a healthy relationship with money is just rightfully understanding money as a tool.”


Today, our host Ed Coambs embarks on an enriching journey into the world of financial intimacy with special guest, Jenn Steliga, a financial coach and a coaching-centric financial planner. They start by discussing the idea of a healthy relationship with money and understanding it as a tool that can help shape the life you desire. Jenn shares her unique approach to coaching, emphasizing the different ways people interact with money, and reveals her backstory that led her to this path.


They also navigate through the complexities of supporting aging parents and the responsibilities that come with having a large family. They discuss the importance of setting boundaries, planning for helping family members financially, and the conventional expectations of younger generations taking care of their elderly relatives. Jenn also offers her insights on budgeting as a therapeutic process and how it can help manage modern perceptions of financial independence.


They explore the importance of aligning values with budgeting. Jenn shares how a values exercise and strengths exercise can play a significant role in creating a starter budget. They discuss using tools like YNAB software to color code spending and see how it lines up with values, and the importance of being mindful of transactions and giving every dollar a job. All this and more in this actionable episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  •  Intro to Jenn and Her Backstory (01:40)
  •  The Spectrum of Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors around Money (03:05)
  •  Financially Supporting Aging Parents (08:42)
  •  How Do We Know When We’re Getting Stuck? (17:37)
  •  Budgeting around Values and Strengths (19:40)
  •  Getting Comfortable Looking at Your Numbers (24:40)
  •  The Back End and the Front End of a Budget (27:43)
  •  The Importance of Slowing the Process Down (33:17)






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