How Knowing Your Family Financial History Can Foster Financial Well-Being - Elana Feinsmith

“That’s what money is. It’s energy. And sometimes we blame money for things, too, which is interesting, and is it really money’s fault? And what part is how people were wired in how all those things happened?”


Today, our host Ed Coambs welcomes Elana Feinsmith, CFP and CFT of Oak Financial Coaching, to the Healthy Love and Money Podcast. Discover how Elana beautifully blends financial therapy and financial coaching, assisting her clients in exploring the emotional side of money and creating a spending plan. Elana begins her sessions with a grounding meditation and uses tools like the Kolbe A test to understand her clients' natural wiring, paving the way for more effective coaching. Be inspired by Elana’s unique approach, including the use of genograms to uncover familial money dynamics.


Join in as they tackle topics like leveraging strengths in personal finance, roles and mental health in financial well-being, and the complex dynamics of managing finances while raising a family and caring for aging parents. Learn how to navigate value differences between partners, the importance of reflection and contemplation in a busy world, and how marriage counseling and financial therapy can stimulate progress. They also shed light on the concept of decision fatigue and provide strategies to work around it for joyful financial decisions.


Listen in to their exploration of finding joy and financial freedom. Elana shares her insights on understanding our inner money voices, uncovering the meaning behind our spending habits, and the power of genograms in gaining a deeper understanding of our relationship with money. Sit back and get ready for an insightful conversation that is sure to reshape your relationship with money.



Key Topics:

  •  The Importance of Looking at The Numbers (02:28)
  •  In-Episode Experiment of Ed “Being a New Client of Elana’s” (05:45)
  •  The Kolbe Assessment and How to Use It (12:42)
  •  Deciding Where to Put Your Money (14:51)
  •  Allocating Responsibilities Based on More than Just Gender-Based (17:22)
  •  How Parent Voices Affect Children in Money Roles (23:14)
  •  Understanding Our Subconscious Money Scripts and Values (25:05)
  •  What a Genogram is and How to Use it (34:32)
  •  What Was “Normal” for Your Family? (37:43)
  •  Wrap-Up and Contact (43:06)






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