What Does It Mean To Be A Modern Husband and Why It Matters! with Brian Page

“When I say modern husband, it could be essentially somebody that looks at their partner, as an equal, as a teammate, and trying to figure out collectively how you can work together to support each other's goals and ambitions and you take turns, sometimes one career goes ahead of the other.”


In today’s episode, our host Ed Coambs has a riveting discussion with Brian Page, the founder of Modern Husbands, as they explore the complexities of managing marriage, finances, and gender roles in the modern world. Listen in as Brian shares his personal journey, detailing how his wife's ambition and their need for greater flexibility led him to leave teaching and ultimately establish Modern Husbands. They delve into the significance of viewing one's partner as an equal and a teammate, and how couples can work together to support each other's goals and ambitions.


Ed and Brian also dive into the intricacies of managing finances as a couple. From the impact of gender roles on financial planning to the art of fostering financial intimacy, Brian provides insight from his experiences and knowledge. They explore how couples can balance the responsibility of managing households, careers, and finances in the modern world, with special attention to the research indicating that a more equal division of household labor generally leads to a happier marriage for all involved.


To wrap things up, they discuss the importance of envisioning what a great partner in marriage looks like for each of us. They shed light on the importance of honest conversations about money and how to navigate these sometimes difficult discussions without placing blame or guilt. All this and more in today’s episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  •  Brian’s Background and the Birth of Modern Husbands (02:24)
  •  Managing Money in the Home (07:07)
  •  The Balance of Role Responsibility in the Home (12:15)
  •  Going Deeper: “Who Are We as a Couple?” (20:13)
  •  The Fear of Talking about Money and Learning How to Do So (26:40)
  •  Looking Back at Our Unique Financial Norms (29:21)
  •  Empathy and Understanding to Real Trade-offs (35:39)
  •  Brian’s Parting Advice (38:09)






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