How Couples Can Deepen Financial Intimacy and Work Together On Their Finances with Stan Tatkin

“In a relationship, our purpose financially is to be financially solvent, to save money for emergencies, so we feel safe and secure to make money to do the things we wish to do. So, we're both co-conspirators in that. We have to have a shared purpose and a shared vision. Otherwise, we're going to operate in ways that are one-person oriented.”


Get ready to redefine your understanding of relationship dynamics and financial intimacy as we welcome Dr. Stan Tatkin. A thought leader in the realm of couples therapy, Stan brings deep insights from his latest book, In Each Other's Care, shining light on the often-overlooked aspect of financial intimacy. Our host Ed Coambs, along with Stan discuss the delicate dance of power dynamics among couples and the vitally important role of financial planning in fostering a secure, harmonious relationship.


Their exploration of financial intimacy doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable or the complex, as they dive headfirst into how significant wealth disparities among couples can breed inequality and insecurity. They take an honest look at the complexities of pre-nuptial agreements. But it's not all about numbers and contracts. They also discuss how cultural differences impact our perceptions of independence and financial control, and underscore the importance of cultural competency in making informed decisions about your relationship. All this and more in this episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  • Intro to Stan and What He’s Up To (03:19)
  • Money Issues in Relationships and the Importance of Structure and Communication (08:09)
  • Power Imbalances in Relationships and the Impact on Longevity and Happiness (10:57)
  • Unconventional Marriage Arrangements in Couples Therapy (17:35)
  • Systems Thinking in Couples Therapy (20:22)
  • Finances in Relation to Human Nature, Relationships, and Survival Instincts (26:42)
  • Couple’s Dynamics and Communication (31:26)
  • Attachment Theory and Relationship Dynamics (34:31)
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Selflessness (40:54)
  • Shared Moral Responsibilities in Relationships (44:05)
  • Financial Planning and Couples’ Shared Vision (49:45)






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