A Fresh Perspective on Financial Well-Being From Occupational Therapy - Angela Greene

“I think it's really hard for people to discuss these kinds of changes because they don't want to think about the worst-case scenario. I don't have that same fear because I've lived it. And I'm like, okay, ‘the worst thing that could happen is you don't discuss it.’ Honestly, that creates the most stress in your life. And the most loving thing you could do is give the gift of pre-planning and having everything lined up.”


As life unfolds, we constantly find ourselves in the midst of transitions. Today our host Ed Coambs welcomes Angela Greene, a seasoned occupational therapist and neuro nerd. Angela's work focuses on how occupational therapy can aid people in successfully navigating these life changes, and she shares her insights and experiences with us.


Growing older is a universal experience, yet it's often fraught with complexity, particularly when it comes to financial planning for healthcare. Angela and Ed delve into this topic, breaking down the various costs associated with aging and how programs like Medicare Part A and B can assist. But it's not just about the dollars and cents; they also discuss the emotional toll these transitions can take on families, the importance of a supportive caregiving unit, and the need to confront our fears around death.


In a particularly powerful segment, Angela shares about her work in neuro rehab and how it helps patients regain their sense of self post-stroke. She and Ed touch upon the importance of physical activity in promoting neurogenesis, and the potential of technology to provide care to patients in their own homes. All this and more in this episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  • Introduction to Angela Greene (02:28)
  • Accessibility and Caregiving for Aging Parents (08:09)
  • Elder Care Planning and Avoiding Burdens on Loved Ones (11:08)
  • End-of-Life Planning, Financial Transparency, and Relationships Dynamics (17:38)
  • Balancing Financial Planning with Personal Experiences (26:09)
  • Relationship Dynamics in Planning (28:56)
  • Improving Stroke Recovery At-Home Therapy (34:05)
  • Neuro Rehab After Stroke, Self-Awareness, and Relationships (36:36)
  • Angela’s Final Wisdom and Wrap-Up (39:30)







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