How A Therapist and Wealth Counselor Can Help You Navigate Your Relationship With Wealth with Marilyn Wechter

“We deal with money in similar ways to how we deal with passion and how we deal with love. Money, power, and love - we tend to bring the same characteristic ways of dealing with each of those. When you think about your own money stories: substitute power, substitute, love, and see if you see those similarities.”


Today our host Ed Coambs embarks on an enlightening journey with psychotherapist and financial therapist, Marilyn Wechter. With her rich experience working with clients on money issues, Marilyn provides invaluable insights into the intricate psychological relationship we have with money. Listen in as they explore how our character shapes our approach to money, power, and love and how understanding this can help in overcoming financial stress in relationships.


This episode takes a deep look at how money, power, and love intersect with our identity. Ed and Marilyn address how societal values and cultural norms impact our perception of money, which can sometimes lead to feelings of shame despite being successful. Marilyn sheds light on how money is merely a tool and the importance of detaching our self-worth from our financial status.


They then navigate the complexities of money dynamics and power imbalances within relationships, highlighting how mutual respect and understanding can be fostered. Wrapping up the episode, they delve into the concept of financial intimacy and the importance of reflecting on our own relationship with money. They discuss how acknowledging our past experiences with money can aid in forming a healthier relationship with it. All this and more in today’s episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  •  Intro to Marilyn Wechter (01:40)
  •  How Marilyn Arrived to Her Work of Today (02:14)
  •  Adolescent Brain Development and Identity Formation (08:31)
  •  Money Management and Financial Literacy (14:23)
  •  Gender Roles in Financial Decision-Making in Relationships (20:03)
  •  Money Dynamics in Relationships and Personal Growth (22:35)
  •  Money Memories and their Impact on Relationships (26:56)
  •  Financial Anxiety and Empowerment (32:48)
  •  Money Mindset and Motivation (38:51)






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