How To Have Fun While Talking Money With Your Spouse A Financial Therapy Perspective with Aaron Freeman

“The way that we look at money individually is inherently different. And you may not even realize how your spouse, your partner, your friend, your client looks at money until you get into these financial flashpoints.”


This episode of Healthy Love and Money features the brilliant and aspiring financial planner, Aaron Freeman, who brings with him an enthusiasm for the psychology of financial planning. Our host Ed Coambs along with Aaron delves into the heart of financial planning, exploring how it goes beyond managing money and investing to the critical role of interpersonal communication.


Their exploration of the psychology of financial planning uncovers the phenomenon of loss bias – the distinct human tendency to feel more emotionally impacted by losses than gains. They discuss how this bias can significantly affect clients' tax planning perspectives and decision-making. At the same time, they recognize the importance of fostering trust and understanding, creating an environment that encourages productive financial discussions and planning.


In the face of life's unexpected twists and turns, Aaron shares his perspective on the significance of ongoing financial planning. His personal experiences have shaped his approach to financial planning, particularly when advising clients at different life stages. They also discuss the concept of financial intimacy - the balance required to successfully manage finances within relationships. This episode will inspire you to approach your financial journey with a deeper understanding of the emotional aspects of money.



Key Topics:

  •  Introducing Aaron Freeman (01:49)
  •  Psychology of Financial Planning and Biases (07:20)
  •  Emotional Aspects of Money Management (12:14)
  •  Financial Flashpoints and Different Perspectives Around Money (17:38)
  •  Financial Planning and Personal Growth (22:18)
  •  Financial Planning and Communication in a Relationship (28:17)
  •  Wrap-Up (30:24)







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