Unlocking Financial Communication: The Art of Meaningful Money Conversations with Elizabeth Jetton

“If money were food in your life, what food would it be? Is it junk food? Is it nutritious? Is it comfort food?”


Ever wondered how to align your financial decisions with your life's purpose? What if you could transform your relationship with money into an intimate journey of growth and understanding? Our host Ed Coambs delves into these questions and more with financial planning colleague, Elizabeth Jetton. Elizabeth shares her insights on how money can be used as a tool to live a thriving life.


Elizabeth doesn't stop at the individual level, though. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table about harnessing the power of financial communication and transparency within couples. Drawing from her personal 25-year journey with her husband, she shares some powerful techniques to celebrate differences and create financial harmony in relationships. This episode is a revelatory exploration of the pivotal role emotions play in financial decision-making, guided by Elizabeth's understanding of neurosciences.


Lastly, as they journey towards financial intimacy, Elizabeth encourages us to reflect on our emotional relationship with money. She invites listeners to engage with their personal narratives around money—how they perceive it, engage with it, and how it influences their life decisions. This discussion is peppered with insightful tips on how to nurture our financial relationships, making this episode an absolute must for anyone looking to develop a healthier, more intimate relationship with their finances.



Key Topics:

  • Welcoming Elizabeth Jetton (01:18)
  • Managing Finances in Relationships (07:57)
  • Financial Planning and Trust in Relationships (13:33)
  • Psychology and Personal Growth Through Money Challenges (19:25)
  • Consumerism, Values, and Financial Planning (21:30)
  • Money Mindset and Body Awareness (27:03)
  • Neuroscience, Willpower, and Financial Decision-Making (32:29)
  • Overcoming Financial Challenges in Relationships (38:02)





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