All Parts of Me Are Welcome: How Internal Family Systems Creates Financial Freedom with Joy Slabaugh

“My job was to help really wealthy people not pay taxes. So, as I remember that client complaining about the several $100,000 tax bill, I was just thinking about how many hungry kids that could feed, and how many single moms that could provide child care for so they could actually pick up more hours and buy coats for their kids for that winter. And I began to realize I was living in this big disconnect.”


Ever pondered how psychology intertwines with financial planning, or how your family's financial habits shape your monetary mindset? It's a fascinating exploration, and it's exactly what our host Ed Coambs discussed with Joy Slabaugh in this latest podcast episode. A savvy financial therapist, Joy brings a wealth of knowledge from her time at Vanguard Mutual Funds and her graduate degree in therapy. Together, Ed and Joy uncovered the intricate connection between therapy and personal finance, examining the profound effect of systems theory in understanding clients' monetary relationships.


But the journey didn't stop there; Ed and Joy delved into the challenge of implementing changes in the financial services sector, broached the subject of choosing poverty, and considered how environmental and capitalist concerns shape our monetary bonds.


As they picked up pace, Ed and Joy navigated the emotional labyrinth of money in couples' relationships, discussing how it often symbolizes power and can lead to conflicts over power, control, respect, and autonomy. Joy offered her expert advice on this topic, sharing her experience using the Internal Family Systems approach to navigate these complex dynamics. All this and more in today’s episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Joy Slabaugh! (01:42)
  • Working For Change (08:11)
  • Managing Inner Parts to Overcome Financial Struggles (11:46)
  • Poverty, Wealth and Personal Choices (17:47)
  • Taxes, Wealth Inequality, and Personal Growth (21:23)
  • Money, Value, and Heritage (27:31)
  • Money, Power, and Gender Dynamics in Relationships (31:31)
  • Money Mindset and Impact on Relationships (36:46)
  • Wrap-Up (38:56)







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