How Engaging In Mindfulness Expands The Way You Do Money As A Couple with Spencer Sherman

“I think one thing that could be helpful for couples and bring a lot of connection and understanding of each other is telling your money story to your spouse.”


Imagine starting a conversation with your partner about finances without the fear of taboo or judgment. What would that look like? Join our host Ed Coambs as he takes that journey of financial intimacy with guest Spencer Sherman, founder of Abacus Wealth Partners. He enlightens us on initiating meaningful money conversations in relationships while balancing the emotional and analytical aspects of financial decisions. Spencer shares his insightful journey to understanding the emotional dynamics of money and the integration of mindfulness into his practice.


Ed and Spencer discuss navigating financial dynamics with a focus on flexibility, listening, and validation. One doesn't need to be a financial expert to achieve success. In fact, you can leverage common sense and objectivity to overcome financial challenges. They delve deeper into the complexities of unequal financial dynamics and how societal taboos have made money talks notoriously complicated. Spencer talks about the support spouses can offer each other in their respective career paths and the potential of shifting to a more sustainable profession. All this and more in this episode of Healthy Love and Money!



Key Topics:

  • Spencer’s Background Story (02:36)
  • Embracing Spouse’s Differences in Marriage (09:03)
  • Navigating Financial Differences in Marriage (11:35)
  • Financial Planning, Communication, and Awareness in Couples (17:47)
  • Money Taboos and Navigating Uneven Financial Situations in Relationships (23:14)
  • The Relationships Between Spirituality, Wealth, and Generosity (26:47)
  • Client-Centered Financial Planning (37:30)
  • Retirement, Purpose, and Career Sustainability (40:21)
  • Financial Intimacy and Communication in Relationships (45:00)






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