How To Empower Women Financially In Their Intimate Relationships with Lindsey Lewis

“Relationships intersect with money. Your emotions do, your job, your physical activity, your intellectual capacity, your spirituality…Understanding that there are so many elements that are happening, and money can amplify good or bad.”


Are you curious about the interplay between spirituality, relationships, and finances? Get ready to quench your curiosity as our host Ed Coambs dives into an enlightening conversation with Lindsey Lewis. Raised in a Mormon family, Lindsey candidly shares how the act of tithing shaped her family's financial approach. Ed and Lindsey journey through the intriguing complexities of how religious beliefs can mold our financial perceptions, using Lindsey's experiences as a compass.


The riveting discussion takes us through the Mormon practice of often prioritizing tithing over savings and its implications on the community. Lindsey contrasts the frugality instilled by her family with her current mindset of abundance. They then shift gears and explore strategies for teaching children about money, discussing how gender influences a child's financial mindset. They also look into how societal norms and media can shape our beliefs about money. The conversation underscores the importance of open dialogue in making financial decisions within relationships.


They explore the intricate connection between spirituality and finances. Lindsey sheds light on the complexities and nuances often overlooked when faith meets finance. They wrap up this in-depth discussion by reflecting on the power of financial intimacy and the transformative impact it can have on our lives. So buckle up and get ready for a conversation that promises to challenge your perceptions, inspire introspection, and broaden your understanding of the intricate world of finance.



Key Topics:

  • Welcoming Lindsey Lewis! (01:37)
  • Cultivating Money Curiosity (02:13)
  • Lindsey’s Childhood Money Story (03:36)
  • Raising Children with Healthy Money Stories (12:47)
  • Gender Roles and Money Narratives in Pop Culture (19:39)
  • Financial Literacy and Empowerment for Women (31:37)
  • Financial Planning, Insecurity, and Personal Growth (36:21)
  • Faith, Money, and Gender Roles Within a Religious Organization (39:02)
  • Wrap-Up (54:31)






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