Embracing Major Life and Career Changes Leads To New Financial Freedom with Shelli Boucher


“Prosperity has a flow to it and prosperity involves money and has to do with money. But to be prosperous means you can be prosperous financially, you can be prosperous in your health, you can be prosperous in your relationships. And true prosperity is a balance in harmony of all three.”


When we think of prosperity, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of financial wealth. But what if you were told there's much more to prosperity than just money? Our host Ed Coambs sits down with the brilliant Dr. Shelli Boucher, a dentist who has incorporated a soulful element into her practice. They wander through the idea of prosperity in finances, health, and relationships, discussing the balance and harmony needed to truly flourish. They also delve into how financial stress can impact your profession and life, sharing personal experiences and finding the silver lining in understanding and overcoming these challenges.


Shelli bravely shares her struggle, offering insight into how she found her passion for supporting mental and emotional health in the dental profession. This conversation is a powerful reminder to stay connected with your profession while exploring passions outside of it.


The conversation takes a fascinating turn as Ed and Shelli explore the intersection of quantum physics, mental health, and epigenetics. They round off the discussion by reflecting on the concept of financial intimacy and the importance of embracing our unique journeys. Tune in to this enlightening exploration that promises to change how you view your profession, your health, and your wealth.



Key Topics:

  • Welcome Dr. Shelli Boucher! (01:20)
  • Quantum Physics (10:43)
  • Epigenetics, Gene Expression, and Personal Transformation (13:35)
  • Mind-Body Connection and Personal Growth (21:31)
  • Disconnection From the Body and its Impact on Mental Health (26:30)
  • Wealth, Prosperity, and Finding Balance (32:14)
  • Personal Growth and Financial Alignment (37:29)







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