A New Vision For What It Means To Be Wealthy As A Couple with Dr. Jim Grubman: Part 1

“Many, if not, most people don't know how to be wealthy. They may be in circumstances that could provide them with wealth or actually does provide them with wealth. But psychologically, they're unprepared for the journey that they are on.”


Get ready to redefine your perception of wealth and its influence on our lives. Our host Ed Coambs is accompanied by noted wealth psychology expert Dr. Jim Grubman as they unwrap the fascinating dynamics between love, money, and psychology. They delve into the intricate world of wealth, shattering stereotypical misconceptions and focusing on nurturing healthier relationships and personal growth by understanding our wealth.


Money is much more than mere currency. It's a symbol of safety, power, and status. Ed and Dr. Grubman explore the psychological impact of money through the heartfelt account of a child of Holocaust survivors, highlighting how past trauma can shape our financial security perception. They also discuss the relevance of financial compatibility in marriages, the challenges of transitioning into different socio-economic cultures, and how our cultural wealth model can shape our lives.


In wrapping, Ed and Dr. Grubman check out Wealth 3.0 and its implications on wealth management, encouraging listeners to challenge and restructure their negative perceptions of wealth. So join in on this exploration into the world of financial psychology. It promises to be a rich blend of wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice you won’t want to miss.






Key Topics:

  • Welcome Dr. Jim Grubman (01:14)
  • Dr. Grubman’s Parents’ Survival of the Holocaust and its Relation to Wealth (09:00)
  • Money Compatibility in Marriage (15:41)
  • Attachment and its Impact on Financial Wellness (23:33)
  • Wealth Management and its Evolution, Wealth 3.0 (29:24)
  • Wealth Preservation and Family Dynamics (34:23)
  • Money Mindset, Self-Reflection, and Financial Literacy (39:39)




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